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Oct 17 07 8:12 PM

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My name is Dale from the United States.

I suffer from postural disorders that I believe is cause by a condition known as "Functional Hallux Limitus" - A disorder of the big toe(s) during the gait cycle that prevents normal function and dorsiflexion of the big toe causing strain and pain in the foot and compensations during gait that can affect the entire body.

I have read Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi's "Nature of Amatsu" and I find it very intriguing and relative to what is going on with me.
He discusses Functional Hallux Limitus in this writing.
I am 37 years old and I have been to numerous chiropractors, massage therapists, oestopaths, and foot doctors trying to get to the bottom of this. A so-called chiropractic-neurologist told me that I have a left-brain, right-brain problem probably triggered by a near head-on auto accident I had when I was 25 years old. Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi also discusses left-brain, right-brain stuff as well!
I have been seen by Doctor Dananberg, a foot doctor in the US who recommends orthotics (unsuccessful) and Dr Zatkin, a chiropractor that personally works with George Goodhart, DC. Both Dananberg and Goodhart are referenced by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in his writing, "Nature of Amatsu" - How ironic is that?

Here is my million-dollar question (yes I think my recovery is worth at least that much-just wish I had 1,000,000). Are therapists located only in England and Ireland or is there anyone trained in the United States or even Russia (where I frequently travel on business), that might be trained in these techniques?????

Can someone out there be kind enough to provide me with some suggestions.

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Oct 19 07 1:34 PM

Hi Dale,
I'm not sure that there are any Amatsu practitioners in the USA or Russia yet. I know that someone from Canada is training with Jane langston at the moment, so it may be worthwhile contacting her.
Amatsu is a relatively new therapy in the West so there are not many of us yet.
Have you thought about massage - if you can find a good therapist, this is a brill way of getting into the body. I have treated two people who wore orthotics and, as you say, they don't work!
I don't think it's that ironic that there are these connections between therapists - the body is connected as a whole and it is importnat to treat it as such, not as a collection of disparate parts. This is where Amatsu really works as it deals with all aspects of the body and re-patterns the whole system.
Could you stop over in Britain each time you go to Russia? There are lots of therapists down London way.Just a suggestion!image

If there is anything else I can help with, please get in touch.
Wishing you all the best

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Jan 8 08 7:58 PM

Hi, I have no idea how I have come about this page but I have just read your question there above and thought I'd drop a quick reply. I am an Amatsu practitioner and although I don't live in the USA yet I am planning on moving there ( Washington State) by August 2008. I am currently looking into whether I can get Insurance to work there. If I can and If you are still in need then, I would be happy to help.

Best Wishes
Daniela Caradonna

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Apr 5 08 12:20 AM

I appreciate your responses!

Karen - Thanks for your invitation.
Daniela - I wish you the best of luck in Washington State.

Next Wednesday I will be seeing Andrew Davies. He says he trained in Doncaster England from 2002-2005. He is the only Amatsu practitioner in Connecticut and possibly the entire USA. How Ironic that he practices within 20 miles from my home.

I will keep you both up-to-date on my progress. My story is a lot longer than my original post. Functional Hallux Limitus was just the beginning of a spiralling list of problems that include chronic foot pain and chronic back pain. Postural problems developed - 1 shoulder higher than the other - 1 hip lower than the other - "short" left leg - a twisted torso rotating to my right. My left leg fatigues extremely fast during brisk walks inhibiting my ability to dorsiflex during gait (and is painful). Obviously these things are neurological in nature, but the neurologist says I am healthy as a

As I began my search for an explanation and resolution to these problems I developed chronic fatigue and depression. Hypothyroid and Hypoadrenal. My ability to concentrate has been severely affected and my work performace is affected.

I strongly believe that there is an imbalance between my brain hemispheres. I believe that the problem started by a bad car accident but I have had some emotional traumas as well that might be the cause.

I have already done the 10-series of rolfing with very disappointing results. My rolfer did a cranial-sacro session on me and described the left side of my body by using the word "dead".

On a happy note, I have been receiving Structural Energetic Therapy for over a year. It is a type of deep tissue massage, but the session always starts with some cranial work. It has been a very effective therapy for me as my feet feel a whole lot better and so does my body. I have come a long way but I still have issues with LEFT-SIDE weakness and LEFT-SIDE pain. It is funny, if a problem develops anywhere on my body it is usually a LEFT-SIDE problem. I have LEFT-SIDE sinus problems. LEFT-SIDE dry eye problems. LEFT-SIDE jawbone cavitations (a story for another day). LEFT-SIDE low back pain. LEFT-SIDE foot pain. LEFT-SIDE lower leg and foot weakness during GAIT.

But ALL of this started with MY FEET!!!!

I believe Amatsu might hold the key to addressing some of these imbalances.

I look forward to forwarding my progress with anyone that practices Amatsu. Thanks for reading!


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Apr 6 08 4:29 PM

Well, I always say that the things we need will be there for us when we need them and if we recognise the need! Life is very wonderful!
I wish you all the best dalepremier; I'm sure that Andrew will be able to help you. You certainly deserve it!
All best wishes

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Feb 2 09 4:20 PM

Dale-follow up, howya doin' now?

Hi Dale,
We're having a snow day here in the UK and most of my amatsu clients here have had to reschedule. Came across your query and remember Andrew very well as he trained with my husband Steve, another practitioner.I hope he was able to give you some real change and benefits from a course of treatments.
We are heading to New York and Boston in May and would like to hook up with him if possible. I know it's hard to trade treatments when there are so few practitioners in the USA(although Daniela if in Washington now is also a gifted practitioner)Please could you forward Andrew our email. [email protected]

Best wishes Joanne and Steve Boyden-Wilson

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