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Apr 24 07 9:46 AM

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Finally get to see my friend Kate for my first ( and definitely not last!! ) sound therapy session.
It was an amazing experience! image

The first thing she did was to use a sound block to find any anomolies in my body. The sound changed as she passed it over me, but most dramatically over my neck - where I am having quite bad problems!

Later on when she was using her wonderful crystal bowls, the right side of my body moved involuntarily ( as if the muscles were gently contracting ) and she told me it happened every time she used a certain combination! I had my eyes closed!

Afterwards I felt changes in my throat, though I can't describe the feeling exactly, and that night I slept REALLY well!image

I will be going back soon as I feel that this is an extremely interesting and effective therapy; - I will let you know how I get on!

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May 10 07 11:34 AM

Tell me!! I can't bear those boom boxes people have in their cars. The noise goes right through me and physically hurts!
However, I think that because the sounds chosen are related to your indivdual needs, only sounds that resonate comfortably are used. I will ask at my next session!
If I remember!!image

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Jun 19 07 8:07 PM

Oh dear! Obviously not!!image

Anyway, my last session was yesterday adn was as different again as the other two. This time I saw so many colours, literally a rainbow ( but not the shape! ) I don't see colours very often, so this was quite amazing. There was no particular pattern, just a flow, and very pretty it was too! Whether it was connected with the chakras, I'm not sure, but Kate seemed to think it was.
Unfortunately, she is away for a month, and I shall have to wait!

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Jun 25 07 10:57 AM

Gosh, all that and entertainment thrown in. I shall have to book myself in for a go.

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Feb 29 08 5:52 AM


You are so on the right track. 12 years ago my life was changed by a Reiki master that used sound therapy, pyramids and chakra balancing. Being a musician, saying it changed my life is an understatement. I'm hoping you might still get notified when posts or replies go out as I would like to hear your comment. If you get a chance check out I think all of you would appreciate the info. - Namaste'

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Feb 29 08 3:13 PM

Hi earthtonesreiki,
I'm a great believer in our ability to find the right therapy for us, even if it takes a lifetime! In my case, it nearly has! imageI enjoy my sound therapy sessions but that is not to say I don't use other therapies as well. Again, I think we need to be open minded and even if we find something that suits us, don't be dismissive of other work. At the same time, we need to be intelligent about it all. Unfortunately there are some therapists who have dubious motivation. It's a shame, but the same in all areas of human life.

I also think that we are gradually realizing that there ARE other things that work to help maintain balance and 'wellness', despite conventional western medicines prejudices and seeming inability in preventative areas.

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